Olio Umberto - Premium California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The harvest for this lively oil comes soon after Thanksgiving. The classic Tuscan flavor profile of espresso bitters, mown grass, and intense pepper complements salads, brightens pasta dishes, and adds complexity to soups.

This brightly nuanced oil is harvested in the weeks on either side of the New Year. This Ligurian varietal exhibits a full, grassy nose, followed by a nutty complexity and finishing in a burst of pepper. Lovely over fish, and in flavorful salads such as beet or fennel.

This complex oil comes from olives harvested at Halloween. The Andalusian flavor profile of fresh-picked tomato aromas and bold olive taste makes a great finishing oil for red sauce and grilled meats, or as a a complementary dressing for spinach salad.

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Winter Solstice is when we pick the olives for this delightful oil. The distinctly Californian flavor profile of fruity aromas with nutty tastes and a hint of juniper is perfect over grilled vegetables, potatoes, or as a low note for citrus salads.

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All our oils are temporarily out of stock. Please check back in February for the new release.

At Olio Umberto, we capture the finest characteristics of the most unique varietals. Our master miller insists the olives be picked only hours prior to milling so that the distinctive flavor profiles of each varietal are perfectly expressed.

Our extra virgin olive oils are stored in a cool cellar, in stainless steel tanks, the surface of the oil blanketed by inert argon gas to preserve the exquisite flavors you expect from a premium product such as this.