In 1900, King Umberto I of Italy issued a decree forbidding the felling of any olive tree.
Over a century later, the power of his conviction can still be felt.

Because what would life be without extra virgin olive oil? At Olio Umberto, we've found a sense
of well-being comes to homes where this most natural and healthy ingredient is made a part of
every meal. Certainly, the polyphenols, anti-inflammatory compounds, and mono-unsaturated
fats of the oil contribute to that, but there's something more.

We believe it is the freshness and the flavor of our oils, and the way the Mediterranean
and Californian ways of life are melded and expressed, that makes Olio Umberto
something special, a luxury that you and the ones you love can enjoy every
day of your long, wonderful lives.

Isn't that nice?